It is said that four monks of the ancient and historical

It is said that four monks of the ancient and historical Zzala Debre Kozor Abune Gebre Holy Ghost Monastery were killed by "Ong Shene" militants and one father escaped and was injured in the monastery.

Today, in the words given by the Deputy Head of the Public Relations Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Malaksalam Reverend Dawit Jared; "One of the ministers of the church, who was not found among the killed fathers, is thought to have returned alive, but his whereabouts are still unknown," he said.
"The four fathers were killed, including Abatekelmariam Asrat, the guardian of the monastery. There were things that were not mentioned about the fifth father, whether he is alive or not. But his whereabouts are still unknown," he said.
Killed Fathers of the Monastery:
- the priest of the monastery,
- Monastery Secretary,
- They are the monks of the monastery and those who are religious.

Along with the killed fathers, the missing father is also a servant of the monastery.

Reverend David, who explained the way in which his fathers were arrested and
killed; He said, "After two fathers were taken away, the three of them were arrested after they were asked to speak to them."

The monks of the monastery were killed after being taken hostage while efforts were being made to free them.

The deputy head mentioned that similar security threats have happened to the church before; They pointed out that the church has submitted its notice to the government on how the existence of the monastery will be maintained in the future.
At present, the monks and the relics of the monastery are in danger, so the church has called on the federal and state security agencies to provide protection.
on the other hand ; The Oromia Regional Security and Administration Bureau has announced that the perpetrator of the murder is "Shene" and that a concerted action is being taken against the armed forces.

The government, through its spokesperson, denied that an armed force called "Shene", which calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army, had committed the murder and said, "We do not know by which force such a murder was committed, and we condemn the murder."

26-02-2024 01:45

It was heard that a discussion was held with the government bodies in the

It was heard that a discussion was held with the government bodies in the presence of the archbishop of the Eastern Showa Diocese, His Beatitude Abune Gregory, regarding the killing of monks at the Abune Gebre Holy Ghost Monastery in the Great Zqaala.

It is said that the extensive discussion which took place in the EFE Air Force Base in Bischoftu city lasted for four hours.

The discussion was held under the leadership of Ato Ababu Wako, Chief Administrator of East Showa Zone, in which His Holiness Abune Gregory, the Archbishop of East Showa Diocese, was present.

In the discussion:
- Senior officials of the East Shoa Zone Security Department,
- A delegation led by the head priest of Menberi Patriarch General Diocese, M/Manager,
- The abbot of the Abune Gebre Holy Ghost Monastery of Zzkala, the monastery's officials and the diocese officials were present.

What are the solutions set in the discussion?

1st:- Through the government's security agencies, the bodies of the martyrs should be brought back to the monastery with honor from where they fell, and a ritual burial should be performed for them.

2nd - To be able to permanently protect the monastery and the monastics through the security structure of the EDF National Defense Force and the Oromia Regional Government;

3rd :- To be able to comfort together the fathers and mothers of the monastery whose hearts are broken and hurt by the government, the diocese and the church fathers.

These are the recommendations of the discussion. After the grief, this task force has been scheduled to meet again to discuss the work done and the issue of safe peace in the future.

The information is from Hamer Tewahedo Media of the Diocese.

26-02-2024 01:40

Addis Ababa Education Office; He explained to

Addis Ababa Education Office; He explained to Tikvah Ethiopia that the provision of water and infrastructure is a challenge for the feeding system in schools.
Mr. Alemu Hailu, a student nutrition expert at the Tikvah Ethiopia, explained that the nutrition system is the biggest help in the learning process.

He stated that the presence of the system in schools is bringing multiple results.
But they mentioned that there are some challenges in this process.

He pointed out that although there are many changes compared to the past, the #water_supply problem is a challenge.

Mr. Alemu said that a lot of water is needed especially for food; "There are 5 days of entry (from Monday to Friday) between these days there is a time when the water supply is not as required," he said.

He explained that alternatives are being taken to solve the problem and more water tankers will be used.

He stated that there are problems in addressing some schools on the said day and said, "Then water should be provided."

He also pointed out that there is a certain level of challenge in making the dining halls built by the government and the World Bank have electricity.

Although there are dining halls, there are some challenges in the supply of electricity for cooking.

On the other hand, people who are engaged in school feeding and managing families are heard complaining that the payment they are paid is "too little" especially considering the cost of living.

What is being done in Tikvah and Ethiopia to address their grievances? he asked.

Mr. Alemu; He said, "What is being offered in connection with my income is constantly improving according to my living situation."

"For example, by conducting a study centered on the living conditions, it has been increased to #23 Birr per student (per capita)," he said.

"This year, about 3.2 billion birr has been allocated for the food program," he added.

"It means that certain improvements are being made at that level. When it started (the entry program) was 14 birr, now there is a situation where it has reached 23 birr. And for the future, there are procedures to be studied and improved according to the season," he explained.

Tikvah Ethiopia received this information a week ago when the Addis Ababa Education Bureau, together with other institutions, was conducting a 6-month performance evaluation regarding the coordination of food and nutrition.

21-02-2024 01:56

Due to the security problem in the Amhara region, the income from tourism

Due to the security problem in the Amhara region, the income from tourism has decreased, the monks have been forced to evacuate and the monastery is unable to start the construction that had started due to the danger of the lake water being full.

Imahoi Wolete Selase, the head of the monastery, had a visit to Tikvah Ethiopia.

what are they saying

➡ Monks are being displaced. We were dependent on tourist income, but it stopped because of the security problem.

➡ There is no such thing as a tourist because of the seasonal problem. The flow has stopped. We don't even have a farm. We always earn from tourists.

➡ People used to buy our handicrafts as a blessing, but for the last 6 months, we are in dire straits.

➡ If we look up, it is heaven, if we look down, it is earth. We are in a very difficult situation.

➡ There were 40 monks in the monastery; However, only 35 monks remained in the monastery due to the displacement of 5 monks. I am afraid that the remaining monks will migrate.

➡ Our urgent problem / what we need is daily sustenance / daily allowance is annual clothing. After this, if our handicraft products can be used in the market, we will leave the patronage.

on the other hand ; As the monastery is facing a big threat due to the fullness of water especially in winter, a proposal was made by Bahir Dar University and Culture and Tourism and the construction around it was started, but only 65 meters of the 300 meters needed for construction were built. The total cost of the construction is more than 12 million.

It is said that the monastery of Cross Glory Unity was founded in 1314 by the righteous Abune Zeyohannes and that Abune served there for 35 years.

The information was prepared by a member of the Tikvah Ethiopian family.

21-02-2024 01:43

On February 12, when Italy invaded Ethiopia, Ethiopians who were

On February 12, when Italy invaded Ethiopia, Ethiopians who were massacred under the orders of General Graziani are remembered. 87 years ago, the Italian General Graziani gathered the residents of Addis Ababa at the former Gente Lol Palace to celebrate the birth of a prince from the Italian royal family. At this time, two young men named Mogs Asgodom and Abrha Deboc, who were angry about the invasion of Fascist Italy, came out of the crowd and threw a bomb at Graziani. As a result, Graziani and several of his officers were wounded. Fascist Italian General Graziani, who was annoyed by this, ordered the Ethiopians to be massacred mercilessly. The Ethiopian martyrs were killed in fascist Italy on February 12, 1929, exactly 87 years ago. 30 thousand Ethiopians disappeared in just three days, including young Abrha Debok and Moges Asgedom. The Martyrs Memorial Monument is standing in the Six Kilo Square in Addis Ababa.

21-02-2024 01:38

Addis Ababa is receiving the leaders of the countries who are coming

Addis Ababa is receiving the leaders of the countries who are coming to participate in the African Union Summit.

until now :

???????? President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit
???????? President of the Republic Timoko Mieli Kone
???????? Comoros President Azali Usumani
???????? President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinibu
???????? The President of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Jule Zhaloh
???????? Prime Minister of Swatini Russel Dlamini
???????? Prime Minister of Chad Luxe Masra
???????? President of Cape Verde Jose Maria Pereira Neves
???????? Togo's Prime Minister Victor Tomegah Dogbe
???????? Rwandan President Paul Kagame
???????? Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
???????? President of Mauritania Mohamed Ould Ghazowani
They are logged in.

The President of the African Development Bank, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, has arrived in Addis Ababa for the association's meeting.

Many other African leaders are being watched.

In this regard, the hotels where the leaders are staying in Addis Ababa are receiving and hosting guests and are being strictly guarded to ensure there is no danger.

In other news, Addis Ababa is hosting Brazilian President Luiz Anisy Lula da Silva. It is said that the President came to Ethiopia for a business visit.

16-02-2024 06:04

The father who dared to force his 13-year-old son

The father who dared to force his 13-year-old son was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In South Ethiopia Region, Kore Zone (former Amaro Special District), Kele 01 Kebele, commonly known as "Tuesday Sefer", a father who dared to rape his son in March 2015 was sentenced to prison, according to Tikvah Ethiopia.

The perpetrator of the crime was a 42-year-old father named Ato Santayhu City Officer who was driving his 13-year-old 8th grade student.

He tied her mouth with the scarf she was wearing and forced her.

When the girl felt pain in her uterus due to the act and was unable to cope, she went to her neighbor who is the 2nd prosecution witness, crying and biting, and told the details of what happened to her.

In the examination, it was confirmed that the crime of sexual intercourse was committed against the child and that the HIV AIDS virus was found in her blood.
All the concerned parties heard the matter and conducted a criminal investigation.

The Chief Prosecutor of Kore Zone filed a case and submitted the case to the High Court of Amaro Special District at the time.

The defendant was asked at the trial about having committed a crime, and he denied and argued that he had not committed a crime.

In the dispute, the girl is 13 years old and is punishable by imprisonment of 5-20 years, and the father has been denied bail for threatening and abusing the girl.

The court heard the girl's statement and the prosecutor's counsel explained that the crime was committed in detail according to the prosecution's case, and even though the defendant's defense witnesses tried to deny that the father did not commit the act, it was pointed out that they did not clearly explain anything.

In this way, the court saw the testimony of the witnesses, the medical documents submitted along with the relevant laws, and the person was found guilty unanimously.

When the prosecutor was asked about the punishment, he said that he did not have any because it is listed in the law itself, and the defendant's lawyer; They submitted 3 mitigations to the court because their client has never been convicted of a crime, is a family man, and is a user of HIV/AIDS medication.

The Justice Office of the Zone informed Tikvah Ethiopia that the court decided to sentence him to 10 years imprisonment.

The information was compiled and presented by Job Tkuye, a member of the Tikvah Ethiopian family.

16-02-2024 06:01

37th African Union Summit and the 44th Executive Council of Ministers meeting

In connection with the 37th African Union Summit and the 44th Executive Council of Ministers meeting, the Addis Ababa Police has called on motorists to use alternative routes.

From the beginning to the end of the conference:

➡ From Parliament Lamp - Minister of Foreign Affairs - Cross Square Flamingo - Omlopia - Wolo Sefer - Japan Embassy - Friend Ship - Bole Ring Road - Airport
➡ From the parliament lamp, around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the National Palace - the hot spring - the National Theater - Mexico Square - the African Union Hall

➡ Parliament Light - National Palace - Friendship Park - Commercial Printing House - Monarch Hotel - Theodore Square - Black Lion Hospital - Ethiopia Television - National Theater - Mexico Square - African Union. A message has been sent to use the roads.


☑ From Parliament Lamp - Downhill at Sheraton Hotel - Fountain and around Ambassador Theater

☑ It is said that it is absolutely forbidden to park vehicles in either direction for a short or long time from the Chamber of Commerce to the main gate of the Sudan Embassy-African Union in both directions from tomorrow, Thursday, February 7, 2016 until the guests return.

16-02-2024 05:59

The defense force defended itself

The defense force defended itself; ... the defense force did not target any kind of civilian the government

What does the government say about the killing of civilians?

The Ethiopian government has denied the killing of 45 civilians (the number is even higher) in Merawi city.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ESMECO) that at least 45 civilians were killed by government security forces; It is recalled that people who were suspected of being "members of Fano" and whose number could not be confirmed for the time being, were also killed by the government security forces without the law.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle Radio regarding the killing of the innocents and the Ismeko report, the Minister of State Communications, Dr. Leges Tulu, denied the incident.

Dr. Leges Tulu; Marawi confirmed that there was a conflict between the Defense Forces and Fano militants.

"The militants used the right of self-defense as they attacked the camp where the army was stationed in four directions to loot the equipment and logistics," they said.

"When the defense forces exercised their right to defend themselves and took action, these forces returned to the homes of individuals," said Dr. Legese.

Dr. Legese said, "The defense army has defended itself." "The defense force did not target any kind of civilian," he said.

It is known that other human rights organizations that issued statements including the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission stated that among the people who were taken by the government's security forces, there were those who were taken from their homes and killed.

The minister who was asked about this; "There is no confirmed information about such action being taken," he said.

He added, "Let alone a civilian, even an armed man goes to attack and surrenders. There is no system in which he can be killed."

"If this happens, the defense agency itself will take action," they announced.
on the other hand ; Regarding the killing of Merawi, the Canadian Embassy in Ethiopia said, "I am very concerned."

The United Kingdom Embassy in Ethiopia called for a full investigation, calling the killing "disturbing".

The European Union and the US government have called for an independent investigation.

Dr. Leges Tulu informed that this matter is being dealt with by the Emergency Proclamation Investigation Board established by the Amhara region.

"There will be no other body to investigate the matter," they said.

Dr. Legese responded by saying that the European Union and the American government have always been concerned about Ethiopia, but nothing is being done.

"We have our own institutions. Our institutions are responsible to the public. If any party commits an offense, if any party causes damage, action will be taken according to the laws and procedures," he said.

This information is owned by the Deutsche Welle Radio station.

16-02-2024 05:58

Adwa victory memorial will be inaugurated today.

Adwa victory memorial will be inaugurated today. Brief information about "Adwa Victory Memorial"

The Adwa Victory Memorial was inaugurated and opened.

Today, the huge "Adwa Victory Memorial" built in the center of Addis Ababa was inaugurated by the country's Prime Minister.

At the inauguration ceremony, the country's president, military officers, ministers, regional presidents, religious leaders, foreign diplomats... other invited guests were also present.

President Sahlework Zewde, who delivered a message at the ceremony; He said, "Although the victory of Adwa is our victory that has been echoed across the country and the continent, it is worth noting that a memorial of the victory of Adwa has not been built to properly express this in one place."

"Today, a memorial has been built in a way that suits the history of Adwan's victory," said the president. He thanked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) and the Addis Ababa city administration for providing the necessary support and monitoring since the idea was generated.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy, who spoke at the forum, said; He said, "Even if other countries of black people can build the Adwa victory memorial, they cannot be the son of Menilk, the son of Balcha, the son of Gebeyehu, the son of Alula Aba Nega."

"We made the victory memorial and achieved it with our efforts," he said.

The Prime Minister was also heard to say, "Desecrating the Adwa victory memorial means desecrating the bones and blood of our ancestors."

12-02-2024 01:52

The Adwa Victory Memorial will be inaugurated today.

The Adwa Victory Memorial will be inaugurated today.

Brief information about "Adwa Victory Memorial":

- It rests on 5 acres of land and has 5 floors and 8 doors, including two underground levels.

- The 8 doors:
* Gate of Eastern Heroes,
* Gate of Western Heroes,
* Gate of Northern Heroes,
* Gate of Southern Heroes,
* Horseman's Gate,
* Veterans Gate,
* They have been named the Gate of Pan-Africanism.

- Various (including traditional) Ethiopian weapons including Negarit are kept at the memorial.

- At the Adwa victory memorial, the monument of Emperor Mnilik and Empress Taytu, the 12 war leaders; There are also art works in memory of the Ethiopians and horses who participated in the war.

- A memorial commemorating one hundred and twenty thousand heroes, the victory of Adwa is also a demonstration of the Pan-Africanism movement. The Great Renaissance Dam Fountain was also built for him.

- It has a Pan-Africanism Hall that can hold 2,500 people at a time.

- It has a modern multi-purpose hall that can hold 2,300 people at a time.

- It has an indoor sports field and a hall that can hold four thousand people.

- It has a children's playground, commercial shops, a sports field, a cafe and restaurant, banking offices and an art gallery.

- It has more than a thousand parking spaces.

- It has 2 cinemas that can hold 280 people each.

- The "sun plane" that recently entered the country has been placed at the Adwa victory memorial.

- The total cost of the project is 4.6 billion birr.

ℹ️ 00 km starting point: The compass symbol located at Adwa Dil Memorial Center is the starting point for distance measurement in Addis Ababa and all over Ethiopia.

12-02-2024 12:27

The Ethiopian Medical Association stated that more than 600 medical professionals...

The Ethiopian Medical Association stated that more than 600 medical professionals and decision makers are going to have a discussion.

The society's vision is to help realize a healthy and prosperous society with access to quality health services. It has held an annual conference where it consults with members of the society, specialty societies, including the Minister of Health from the relevant government offices.

Accordingly, he announced that he is finalizing the preparations to hold the 60th Annual Medical Conference and International Health Fair this year from February 29 to 30/2016 at Skylight Hotel in Ethiopia.

He also pointed out that the annual medical conference (AMC) is a forum for sharing the knowledge, research findings and medical practices of renowned medical professionals living in and outside the country.

It was pointed out that panel discussions will be held at the conference based on the theme of the year, professional development trainings will be provided to earn CEUs and scientific findings will be presented.

At the Society's 60th Annual Medical Conference and International Health Fair:
* More than 600 respected medical professionals
* Representatives of members of the association from all regions,
* Communication from various health professionals,
* Representatives from specialist associations,
* Medical college officials
* Government bodies
* Health fair more than 100 organizations
* More than 2,000 people are expected to visit.

In addition, the annual award program of the Ethiopian Medical Association in 2016 is divided into four categories, namely:

• "Ethiopian Medical Association's best medical students of the year
• Life expectancy of the Ethiopian Medical Association
• Ethiopian Medical Association influential and best young doctor
• The Ethiopian Medical Association will award the best institute of the year 2016.
Since its establishment in 1954, the Ethiopian Medical Association has been providing services in the quality of medical services, patient safety and playing a key role in the medical field in general.

12-02-2024 12:24

Civil Registration and Residency Services Agency

Civil Registration and Residency Services Agency; In January, he told Ethiopia that he had arrested suspects involved in selling services for money and preparing fake documents.

The agency said that an illegal broker engaged in the preparation of fake documents and an employee of another institution, as well as an employee and customers of the institution who provided financial services to an unworthy individual, were placed under police custody.

According to the explanation given by the agency; Akaqi sub-city district 8 employment creation office #a suspect who is an employee received 30 thousand birr in the name of civil registration and residency service office in Akaqi Kaliti sub-city district 5 and prepared a fake residence ID and marriage certificate that did not leave the office. It has been put to use.

in the same manner ; Kolfe Karanyo Sub-City District 8 Civil Registration and Residency Service Office prepared in the name of Kolfe Karanyo sub-city district 8 fake residence ID, birth certificate and travel document / Clearance / 10 thousand birr prepared by the office in cooperation with Yeka Kefle City Police Department in area 10 of Yeka district. He was arrested from the prison.

The agency; Based on a suggestion received from the Immigration and Citizenship Service, in coordination with the Addis Ababa Police Commission, suspects who are employees of the Civil Registration and Residence Registration Offices in Yeka District/City Ward 4 and Addis City Ward 9 are being investigated and placed under the control of the law for giving non-Ethiopian resident IDs and birth certificates. He told Tikvah Ethiopia that he is available.

In a surveillance and operation led by the agency's Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate this January:
- Seven individuals with false credentials made in the name of the institution,
- three employees of the institution,
- He announced that he was able to bring a total of 12 suspects under the control of the law, one employee of another institution and one engaged in the preparation of fake documents.

The agency; "I am trying to build a theft-free institution by monitoring the service delivery in my structure," he said, urging the public to protect themselves from illegal individuals who cheat in the name of the institution.

"Illegal activities carried out by a few employees of the institution do not represent the employees who serve with sincerity and honesty," he said, "in the effort to build a service institution that is trusted by the public, the resident should be helpful."

12-02-2024 12:22

A film that is said to have cost more than 7.5 million Birr is about to be released.

Ethiopia has heard that a film titled "Afini" which explores the traditional conflict resolution and dialogue culture of the Sidaman people will be screened on February 2nd and 3rd in Hawassa city.

It is understood that the regional culture and tourism office supported the film financially.

The writer and actor of the film, Mr. Elefahsham Birhanu (Leul) said during his meeting with Tikvah Ethiopia, "The film has the potential to promote Sidama's traditional conflict resolution and speech culture, Afini, to the world."

For this reason, they have stated that it is designed to make the film international.

Mr. Elefahma said, "I am happy that the film has been made in terms of finance, manpower and technology, and more than 7.5 million birr has been spent on it."

"Artists such as actor Gurum Ermias and actor Emmanuel gave beauty and energy to the idea of an essay that describes Sidama's beautiful and instructive culture of conflict resolution," he added.

on the other hand ; Tikvah Ethiopia has questioned the issue of the inauguration and the amount of money allegedly distributed on social media in the millions.
Mr. Elefahm Berhanu; "Experts from the film's actors and members of the graduation committee from the regional culture and tourism office, which supported the film financially, will soon make an institutional presentation," they said, and for the time being, they refrained from giving detailed information other than the film's graduation on February 2 and 3.

The information is a member of the Hawasau Tikvah Ethiopian family.

04-02-2024 09:02

The Ministry of Finance has declared that it has not completely

The Ministry of Finance has declared that it has not completely #banned the entry of fuel-powered vehicles into the country.

It will not be forgotten that the Ministry of Transport and Logistics has announced the ban on the entry of gasoline-powered automobiles.

Wasihun Abate, senior legal advisor of the Ministry of Finance, what did he say?

- There is no directive or decision that prohibits the entry of gasoline-powered vehicles into the country and allows only electric vehicles to enter the country.

- There is a situation where the Ministry of Finance is implementing an Excise Tax Proclamation to encourage the entry of electric vehicles and to discourage the entry of fuel-powered vehicles.

- Banning imported products is impossible according to the law of the World Trade Organization, so encouraging those who use the country's tax system to grow the economy is being done to prevent the spread of harmful ones.

- We do not know anything about the matter presented to Parliament by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

- Ministry of Finance has amended the Excise Tax Proclamation so that electric vehicles can be widely introduced. Proclaim:
* 5% excise tax for fully equipped electric vehicles
* It allows for tax-free entry for those who are
dispersed and come together in the country.
* The amount of fuel used by gasoline-powered vehicles is 10% or more.

- The Excise Tax Proclamation will be implemented by traders after the ban on 38 different products from opening a letter of credit is lifted due to the lack of foreign currency.

- Currently, the vehicles that are being imported into the country are not imported through the LC that was opened before the ban, but there are no traders who are specially allowed to import them.

- Unless the LC ban is lifted, vehicles used for business or government offices will not be imported only with the approval of the Ministry of Finance. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are not affected by the ban, but they are subject to excise tax when importing a fuel-powered vehicle.

Regarding this opinion of the Ministry of Finance, the head of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, who did not want to be named, said that the ban was not specified in the directive/decision.

However, all the concerned offices have stated that in the direction given in the review of the 100-day performance report with the Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the entry of fuel-powered domestic automobiles has been prohibited.

An official of the Customs Commission said that the decision issued by the National Bank is currently being implemented, so the decision is not just a new directive of the Prime Minister, which prohibits the entry of fuel-powered automobiles.

As announced by the National Bank on October 4/2015, vehicles are among the 38 products banned from entering the country. Motor-related products include domestic automobiles and three-legged vehicles, while the ban does not include electric ones.

01-02-2024 05:31

What does the Ministry of Transport and Logistics say?

What does the Ministry of Transport and Logistics say?

My name is Dr.

- It is not possible to bring into the country a #new or #old private automobile that runs on fuel. It is directed to be only electricity that is assembled in the country.

- Gasoline automobiles have been banned from entering the country since last year. But until recently they were imported in different forms. For example: It would not be applicable to them as #Repatriate Diaspora; They were not banned from importing fuel. But this does not work now. Private automobiles will not be allowed to enter for any reason, whether on the pretext of diaspora or under any circumstances.

- Car importers can only import electric cars.

- A decree was issued to remove very old cars from service. A law has been issued to ensure that the service that cars can provide is the same as their age, and a situation is being worked out to ensure that cars whose age is beyond their service life are removed from the market and service.

- Especially in Addis Ababa, instead of taxis that carry a small number of people, multi-modal transport that carries many people at a time is being encouraged. In Addis Ababa, like other developed cities, minibus taxis carrying 10 or 12 people will be taken out of service. This will remove the congestion and pollution from the city.

- It is also intended to reduce the number of vehicles by increasing multimodal transport. Multi-vehicles are also being made to be electric. Addis Ababa will buy electric buses soon.

- Car plates will no longer simply spread. There is a situation where importers take plates / buy in bulk and go to the border area and install new / old car and drive it as an existing legal car. It works to control the supply of raga.

- In Addis Ababa, a parking lot is being built to prevent cars from parking on the road. Mandatory work is being done to prevent unauthorized parking within 2 kilometers of the city.

- Public transport users of Addis Ababa city will be restricted in order to ensure that public transport users do not have to worry about the time they leave and arrive at work and arrive at their desired time. The hours during which this will happen have also been selected. It will be implemented soon.

01-02-2024 05:30

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; She pointed out that the individuals

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; She pointed out that the individuals whom she had previously denounced are still pushing her with their illegal activities and announced that she will take the individuals to court.
Condemn the individuals still; She protested their actions.

She explained that the clothes they were wearing were from the church and that she would make them take them off.

At this time last year, 4 fathers, including Father Gebremariam Negasa, were among those who said they were appointed as pontiffs in an "illegal" way and later did not return to the church in reconciliation.

They said that this was because it was necessary to name the seat of the Holy Synod of the Oromia Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which was established in 2015.
Regarding this matter, the Head of the Permanent and Temporary Project Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Angel of Life Komos, Father W. Jesus Seifu, gave a statement.

In this statement; "The individuals are making a statement with the priesthood they don't have," he said.

They said that the Church still strongly condemns these bodies because they are outside the canon.

"The Church will ask in the court of law; in spiritual justice, as it has condemned in the past, it will still say that my law, my system, my clothes, my dogma will be respected," he added.

"Previously, they were banned by the court from moving anywhere without the approval of the church and from providing services. They have been handed over. After this, we will ask them in court. We will take them off because the clothes they are wearing belong to the church. They are illegal," he said.

"In the past, this issue of illegal appointment activities is not only about those who were raised from the Oromia side, but also those who were raised from the Tigray side," they said, adding that it is not correct and the Holy Synod will not accept it.
They said that there is another body that can implement the decision of the church, so we are patiently waiting for it to be implemented.
The head; He said that the fathers who were active in Oromia in the past came back at the call of the church, and in the discussion with the government, they were allowed to return to their previous work.
They stated that the four did not return and continued with their illegal activities and stressed that "they cannot raise the name of the church, they cannot tarnish its name".
"Calling an illegal group '5 Kilo Illegal' is very bold," said the official. They said that what gave them this courage is that they stood up redeeming the season.
"#Religion and #Politics are mixed," he added.
"Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and its followers will not accept this illegal act, and since you have been condemned, the believers will not be blessed by your mother's cross," they said.
In the past, the church has warned the #media, who are making the statement of the bodies I have identified as legitimate, saying, 'Take your hands off the church, your media'.

30-01-2024 07:44

Adolescents and Mental Health

Adolescents and Mental Health:
- Adolescence is a special and important time. The physical, psychological and social changes are also significant.

- Exposure to poverty, violence (both physical and sexual) at this age makes children at this age more vulnerable to mental health disorders.
Peer pressure
▫️Environmental influences
▫️Physical or sexual abuse
▫️ Disruption of domestic peace
▫️ Question of identity
▫️ Media influence
▫️These are some of the problems associated with desire.

- In particular, children/youths with limited mental development, various neurological problems, and lack of close family support are more prone to mental health disorders.

Emotional problems:
* Excessive stress
* Mood swings
*Dabate, self-isolation and not wanting to #stay_in_life

Behavioral problems:
° Lack of attention,
° Rushing into things;
° Having a change in behavior

Eating disorders:
➡ It is a serious eating disorder that prevents obesity.

Psychological crisis:
• It prevents them from attending their studies properly.
• They harm themselves with various addictions.
• It greatly affects their relationship with the community.

- What should we do to prevent this from happening?
▪️ The family should be closer to the children than ever, understanding that the children are changing in their bodies.
▪️ Everyone should do their part by making them participate in different kinds of work (things like sports), to be solution people, to live in a healthy home.

30-01-2024 07:42

The duality of the sexes and their union with each other is not a social

"The duality of the sexes and their union with each other is not a social invention, it is #from_the_creator" - Greek Orthodox Church
The Greek Orthodox Church has publicly opposed the country's draft law on same-sex marriage and the adoption of children of such couples.
The bill is scheduled to be presented and voted on by the country's parliament in the middle of next week.
However, the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church said the draft law would allow children to grow up without a father or mother in a mixed living environment. He condemned it as exploitative of women who rent their wombs to conceive children for such couples.
The Holy Synod of the Greek Church, which discussed the issue for four hours, said, "The duality of the sexes and their union with each other is not a social discovery, but comes from the Creator."
The bishop of the church, Ironimos, on his part, protested that "the draft law is a new thing that aims to destroy social ties in the country."
Conservative Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who is said to personally support the issue, said the bill would be presented next week.
However, a third of the members of the council may oppose it, Deutsche Welle Radio reported, citing Agence France-Presse.

30-01-2024 07:38

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our company has completed

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our company has completed the first plan of the fiscal year 2016 with excellent performance!
Our company reached 74.6 million customers in the middle of the fiscal year and achieved 98.3% of the plan and 42.86 billion birr in total revenue.
84.7 million USD was earned from foreign exchange earning services, which achieved 109% of the plan.
In addition to our company's multi-faceted efforts to expand revenue options, we achieved 113% of the plan by saving more than 2 billion in only half a year by implementing the DO2SAVE strategy to effectively use costs.
This has contributed to our joint effort to make our company profitable, and accordingly, before external audit, EBITDA was 19.77 billion (46%) and managed to record 137% of the plan.
A net profit of Birr 11 billion was recorded in the first half of the year, an increase of 14% compared to the same period last year, bringing the profitability rate to 26%.
Dear customers and partners, we sincerely thank you for your cooperation in achieving this success!

30-01-2024 07:37

The Ethiopian Peoples Ombudsman has released a report today that confirmed that peoples

The Ethiopian People's Ombudsman has released a report today that confirmed that people's lives have been lost due to #famine caused by drought in Amhara and Tigray.

How many people died of famine caused by drought?

in Tigray region; In the central zone, 334 people died in connection with the drought, and from this zone, the monitoring team of the institute said that it was possible to find out that 91 people died in Abergele district and 17 people died in Isra Waadi Wojrat district in the southeast.

A total of 351 people have been confirmed dead, he said.

In addition:
➡ Displacement of thousands of people,
➡ Death of many animals,
➡ thousands of students not enrolled in school,
➡ It is stated in the report that thousands of students have dropped out of school.

In the Amhara region, the Regional Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordinating Commission stated that no one died due to drought, but if information was taken from them by telephone:
* 17 people in North Gondar Zone, Beida district.
* 2 people in Waghhemra zone, Zzala district
* It has been confirmed that 2 children and 21 people have died due to #hunger caused by the drought in Beyeda district.

It has been confirmed that 23 children in Beyeda district were born dead due to lack of proper nutrition.

According to the Amhara Region Disaster Prevention and Food Security Program Coordinating Commission, there are no citizens who have been displaced by the drought and are in shelter camps.
° Those who left their place of residence,
° Those who are mixed with the community
° It has been confirmed that there are displaced citizens who are in the shelters of Cortiro and Kenda.

For example, there are 12270 people in Waghhemra zone in Abergele district, and more than 9100 people in North Gondar zone.

NB. It will not be forgotten that the Federal Government and the Disaster Risk Management Commission have stated that the claim that human lives have been lost due to famine is a lie and that the structural organization of the country does not allow the drought to turn into famine and destroy human lives.

(The detailed report released by the Ethiopian People's Ombudsman is attached above)

30-01-2024 05:33

The main work of the Asita-Afambo-Djibouti border road construction project,

The main work of the Asita-Afambo-Djibouti border road construction project, which is said to be another option to travel to Djibouti, has been completed and opened for traffic.

The Ethiopian Roads Administration has announced that the construction project of the Asaita-Afambo-Djibouti border road, which will serve as another option in the future, has been completed and is open for transport services, in addition to the Galafi route that is providing services to travel to Djibouti.

The main works of the project have been completed, installation of traffic signals; Painting works and other minor works are said to have been carried out.

Since there was no standard road infrastructure in the area in the past, the community had no other option but to travel by foot and camel due to the lack of transportation.

The route mainly connects Ethiopia to Djibouti through Asaitha. It has been stated that it will have great economic benefits by streamlining Ethiopia's income and expenditure trade.

In addition to this, it is said that it will strengthen the people-to-people ties by connecting Asayata City with Afambo district and several kebeles.

This area is where the Awash river basin is located, so it is a production line for many products. Among these products are:
* High yield of salt,
* Cotton,
* Dates,
* Sesame,
* Tomato,
* Onions,
* Oranges,
Habab and many other fruits are mentioned.
It is said that the construction of the road will help to easily deliver these products to the central market and to Djibouti.

Apart from this, it is stated that education, health and similar social and economic services will be expanded immediately.

In addition, this line will shorten the existing Mille-Diche Oto-Galafi-Djibouti Port route by 30 km.

It has been pointed out that it is important to export factory products (sugar, wheat flour) that can be produced locally in the future.

Brief information about the road project:

- 1,600,901,379 (One Billion Six Hundred Million Nine Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Nine Birr) allocated for the construction of the road is fully covered by the Ethiopian government.

- The length of the road is 50.34 km. The side width including shoulders is 10 meters in rural areas, 19 meters in district towns and 21.5 meters in zones.

- The project included the construction of 3 bridges.

- The construction was carried out by a local contractor, Aser Construction Limited Liability Company. Yedidia Engineering Consultants also carried out the consulting and control work.

30-01-2024 05:31

The conference of Muslim scholars scholars is being held in A.A..

The conference of Muslim scholars/ #scholars is being held in Addis Ababa since yesterday.

At the second annual meeting of scholars (Muslim scholars) of the Supreme Council of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs, which is said to last for three days:
- # of Tigray
- Somali
- Shy
- Amhara
- Oromia
- Gambella
- Southwest Ethiopia
- Central Ethiopia
- Southern Ethiopia
- Harari
- Sidama
- Benishangul Gumuz regions as well as Ulama councils of Dredawa city are participating.

The President of the Supreme Council of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs, Honorable Dr. Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa, delivered his opening speech yesterday; He said, "After our relationship with the High Council of Islamic Affairs of Tigray, which was separated due to the lack of peace caused by the war, it is gratifying to attend a conference today and it increases the value of peace."

Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa; "The Muslim scholars of our country are in dire straits and are the leaders of the religion who are in great debt to the people and who are making great efforts to pass the religion for generations and create social bonds," he said.

Dr. Jailan Khedr, Deputy Chairman of the National Ulema Assembly and Chairman of the Fatwa Abi Committee, said, "The creation of this kind of connection between the Ulema is of great benefit to the unity of the Muslim community."
It is said that the meeting of the ulema assembly, where the problems of the Muslim and the actual situation of the Shariah court, the officials of the ulema council and the high council of Islamic affairs meet and consult on this forum will make the forum historic.

It was found that the participating regions of the conference have submitted a report to the conference regarding the actual situation of their respective regions.

The second annual conference of Ethiopian Muslim Scholars will be held today, and research papers will be presented and discussed, according to information obtained by Tikvah Ethiopia from the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council.

NB. It will be remembered that Tigray High Council of Islamic Affairs resolved the dispute with the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs of Ethiopia by apologizing and returning to the previous agreement.

30-01-2024 05:30

Let it be known that it is not possible to import automobiles that run...

Let it be known that it is not possible to import automobiles that run on fuel" - Ministry of Transport and Logistics
It is said that even though gasoline-powered automobiles are banned from entering the country, people who say "we haven't heard of this" are buying gasoline vehicles and bringing them to the country.
This was heard when the Minister of Transport and Logistics Alemu Sme presented a report on the implementation of the 6-month plan to the Standing Committee on Urban Infrastructure and Transport Affairs at the House of Representatives today.
What is the name of the Minister of Transport and Logistics?
- The government has passed a decision not to import any household automobile into Ethiopia if it is not electric. Ethiopia does not produce fuel and imports it from abroad with very limited foreign currency.
- Electricity is produced in abundance in Ethiopia and again, the price of electricity is cheaper compared to fuel.
- Ethiopia is a supporter of green development and is a country that works hard for that; To reduce air pollution, an electric car is preferable to a gasoline car.
- Electric vehicles are being widely produced in the world and since they operate in urban areas in our country, it is possible to provide charging infrastructure.
☑️ Any imported private utility automobile must be electric only. Gas powered automobiles cannot enter. "We have not heard of this!" There are people who come and buy automobiles that run on gasoline. Therefore, everyone should know that petrol automobiles are not allowed in the country.

30-01-2024 11:24

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed was awarded

Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed was awarded the prestigious FAO Agricola medal.
The Prime Minister was given this award today in Italy. Rome is a city.
by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); Dr. Abiy at the event he organized in Rome; It is said that he presented them with the prestigious Agricola medal for their efforts to ensure food security.
Gu Dogyu, director-general of FAO; The Prime Minister said "Congratulations!" to FAO's highest award, the Agricola Medal.
He pointed out that this award is given to leaders and other prominent people of the world for their successful efforts to ensure food security and reduce poverty. With this, the Agricola Medal is being presented to the Minister: * For their contributions to Ethiopia's rural and economic development
* Especially for their personal support of the "Wheat, Food Self-sufficiency Program".
* He explained that it is the work of Green Legacy in Ethiopia.
In the past, the director-general is reported to have said, "I have seen the amazing progress that Ethiopia is making in the last 5 years."
This was made possible by the "effective, accountable and stable leadership given by the Prime Minister," said the Director General of FAO; They said that the progress that they have observed is recorded in "difficult national, regional and global challenges in the past years;... and this is a message not only for Ethiopia, but also for Africa as a continent".
On his part, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude for the award and recognition in his message; "Our focus on agricultural products that are of high value and industrial input is yielding promising results. We will continue our journey towards food sovereignty," he said.
It is said that FAO leaders, diplomats, and representatives of various institutions were present during the awarding of the FAO Agricola Medal.

29-01-2024 12:52

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Somali

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud have arrived in Rome.
The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, is present in Rome.
Heads of state and representatives of governments are gathering in Rome for the African-Italian summit that will take place today and tomorrow.
This will be the first time that the leaders of Ethiopia and Somalia, whose relations have been strained since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Ethiopia and Somaliland, will meet in person at the same forum.
In relation to the agreement signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland in the past, to advise on "Ethiopia-Somalia" relations and "Sudan War" in Uganda; Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was present at the IGAD emergency meeting in Entebbe, but Dr. Abiy was absent.
One day later, at the 19th meeting of the Heads of State and Governments of the Independent Nations Movement (NAM) held yesterday in Kampala, Uganda, when Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed was present in person; President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was not present.
The current African-Italian summit in Rome will bring both leaders together in person.
It is not known whether the leaders will have a separate discussion about the meeting between the two countries on the sidelines of the conference.

29-01-2024 12:52