What does the Ministry of Transport and Logistics say?

What does the Ministry of Transport and Logistics say?

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- It is not possible to bring into the country a #new or #old private automobile that runs on fuel. It is directed to be only electricity that is assembled in the country.

- Gasoline automobiles have been banned from entering the country since last year. But until recently they were imported in different forms. For example: It would not be applicable to them as #Repatriate Diaspora; They were not banned from importing fuel. But this does not work now. Private automobiles will not be allowed to enter for any reason, whether on the pretext of diaspora or under any circumstances.

- Car importers can only import electric cars.

- A decree was issued to remove very old cars from service. A law has been issued to ensure that the service that cars can provide is the same as their age, and a situation is being worked out to ensure that cars whose age is beyond their service life are removed from the market and service.

- Especially in Addis Ababa, instead of taxis that carry a small number of people, multi-modal transport that carries many people at a time is being encouraged. In Addis Ababa, like other developed cities, minibus taxis carrying 10 or 12 people will be taken out of service. This will remove the congestion and pollution from the city.

- It is also intended to reduce the number of vehicles by increasing multimodal transport. Multi-vehicles are also being made to be electric. Addis Ababa will buy electric buses soon.

- Car plates will no longer simply spread. There is a situation where importers take plates / buy in bulk and go to the border area and install new / old car and drive it as an existing legal car. It works to control the supply of raga.

- In Addis Ababa, a parking lot is being built to prevent cars from parking on the road. Mandatory work is being done to prevent unauthorized parking within 2 kilometers of the city.

- Public transport users of Addis Ababa city will be restricted in order to ensure that public transport users do not have to worry about the time they leave and arrive at work and arrive at their desired time. The hours during which this will happen have also been selected. It will be implemented soon.

01-02-2024 05:30