The Adwa Victory Memorial will be inaugurated today.

The Adwa Victory Memorial will be inaugurated today.

Brief information about "Adwa Victory Memorial":

- It rests on 5 acres of land and has 5 floors and 8 doors, including two underground levels.

- The 8 doors:
* Gate of Eastern Heroes,
* Gate of Western Heroes,
* Gate of Northern Heroes,
* Gate of Southern Heroes,
* Horseman's Gate,
* Veterans Gate,
* They have been named the Gate of Pan-Africanism.

- Various (including traditional) Ethiopian weapons including Negarit are kept at the memorial.

- At the Adwa victory memorial, the monument of Emperor Mnilik and Empress Taytu, the 12 war leaders; There are also art works in memory of the Ethiopians and horses who participated in the war.

- A memorial commemorating one hundred and twenty thousand heroes, the victory of Adwa is also a demonstration of the Pan-Africanism movement. The Great Renaissance Dam Fountain was also built for him.

- It has a Pan-Africanism Hall that can hold 2,500 people at a time.

- It has a modern multi-purpose hall that can hold 2,300 people at a time.

- It has an indoor sports field and a hall that can hold four thousand people.

- It has a children's playground, commercial shops, a sports field, a cafe and restaurant, banking offices and an art gallery.

- It has more than a thousand parking spaces.

- It has 2 cinemas that can hold 280 people each.

- The "sun plane" that recently entered the country has been placed at the Adwa victory memorial.

- The total cost of the project is 4.6 billion birr.

ℹ️ 00 km starting point: The compass symbol located at Adwa Dil Memorial Center is the starting point for distance measurement in Addis Ababa and all over Ethiopia.

12-02-2024 12:27