Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; She pointed out that the individuals

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; She pointed out that the individuals whom she had previously denounced are still pushing her with their illegal activities and announced that she will take the individuals to court.
Condemn the individuals still; She protested their actions.

She explained that the clothes they were wearing were from the church and that she would make them take them off.

At this time last year, 4 fathers, including Father Gebremariam Negasa, were among those who said they were appointed as pontiffs in an "illegal" way and later did not return to the church in reconciliation.

They said that this was because it was necessary to name the seat of the Holy Synod of the Oromia Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which was established in 2015.
Regarding this matter, the Head of the Permanent and Temporary Project Department of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Angel of Life Komos, Father W. Jesus Seifu, gave a statement.

In this statement; "The individuals are making a statement with the priesthood they don't have," he said.

They said that the Church still strongly condemns these bodies because they are outside the canon.

"The Church will ask in the court of law; in spiritual justice, as it has condemned in the past, it will still say that my law, my system, my clothes, my dogma will be respected," he added.

"Previously, they were banned by the court from moving anywhere without the approval of the church and from providing services. They have been handed over. After this, we will ask them in court. We will take them off because the clothes they are wearing belong to the church. They are illegal," he said.

"In the past, this issue of illegal appointment activities is not only about those who were raised from the Oromia side, but also those who were raised from the Tigray side," they said, adding that it is not correct and the Holy Synod will not accept it.
They said that there is another body that can implement the decision of the church, so we are patiently waiting for it to be implemented.
The head; He said that the fathers who were active in Oromia in the past came back at the call of the church, and in the discussion with the government, they were allowed to return to their previous work.
They stated that the four did not return and continued with their illegal activities and stressed that "they cannot raise the name of the church, they cannot tarnish its name".
"Calling an illegal group '5 Kilo Illegal' is very bold," said the official. They said that what gave them this courage is that they stood up redeeming the season.
"#Religion and #Politics are mixed," he added.
"Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and its followers will not accept this illegal act, and since you have been condemned, the believers will not be blessed by your mother's cross," they said.
In the past, the church has warned the #media, who are making the statement of the bodies I have identified as legitimate, saying, 'Take your hands off the church, your media'.

30-01-2024 07:44