Civil Registration and Residency Services Agency

Civil Registration and Residency Services Agency; In January, he told Ethiopia that he had arrested suspects involved in selling services for money and preparing fake documents.

The agency said that an illegal broker engaged in the preparation of fake documents and an employee of another institution, as well as an employee and customers of the institution who provided financial services to an unworthy individual, were placed under police custody.

According to the explanation given by the agency; Akaqi sub-city district 8 employment creation office #a suspect who is an employee received 30 thousand birr in the name of civil registration and residency service office in Akaqi Kaliti sub-city district 5 and prepared a fake residence ID and marriage certificate that did not leave the office. It has been put to use.

in the same manner ; Kolfe Karanyo Sub-City District 8 Civil Registration and Residency Service Office prepared in the name of Kolfe Karanyo sub-city district 8 fake residence ID, birth certificate and travel document / Clearance / 10 thousand birr prepared by the office in cooperation with Yeka Kefle City Police Department in area 10 of Yeka district. He was arrested from the prison.

The agency; Based on a suggestion received from the Immigration and Citizenship Service, in coordination with the Addis Ababa Police Commission, suspects who are employees of the Civil Registration and Residence Registration Offices in Yeka District/City Ward 4 and Addis City Ward 9 are being investigated and placed under the control of the law for giving non-Ethiopian resident IDs and birth certificates. He told Tikvah Ethiopia that he is available.

In a surveillance and operation led by the agency's Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate this January:
- Seven individuals with false credentials made in the name of the institution,
- three employees of the institution,
- He announced that he was able to bring a total of 12 suspects under the control of the law, one employee of another institution and one engaged in the preparation of fake documents.

The agency; "I am trying to build a theft-free institution by monitoring the service delivery in my structure," he said, urging the public to protect themselves from illegal individuals who cheat in the name of the institution.

"Illegal activities carried out by a few employees of the institution do not represent the employees who serve with sincerity and honesty," he said, "in the effort to build a service institution that is trusted by the public, the resident should be helpful."

12-02-2024 12:22