Adolescents and Mental Health

Adolescents and Mental Health:
- Adolescence is a special and important time. The physical, psychological and social changes are also significant.

- Exposure to poverty, violence (both physical and sexual) at this age makes children at this age more vulnerable to mental health disorders.
Peer pressure
▫️Environmental influences
▫️Physical or sexual abuse
▫️ Disruption of domestic peace
▫️ Question of identity
▫️ Media influence
▫️These are some of the problems associated with desire.

- In particular, children/youths with limited mental development, various neurological problems, and lack of close family support are more prone to mental health disorders.

Emotional problems:
* Excessive stress
* Mood swings
*Dabate, self-isolation and not wanting to #stay_in_life

Behavioral problems:
° Lack of attention,
° Rushing into things;
° Having a change in behavior

Eating disorders:
➡ It is a serious eating disorder that prevents obesity.

Psychological crisis:
• It prevents them from attending their studies properly.
• They harm themselves with various addictions.
• It greatly affects their relationship with the community.

- What should we do to prevent this from happening?
▪️ The family should be closer to the children than ever, understanding that the children are changing in their bodies.
▪️ Everyone should do their part by making them participate in different kinds of work (things like sports), to be solution people, to live in a healthy home.

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