The main work of the Asita-Afambo-Djibouti border road construction project,

The main work of the Asita-Afambo-Djibouti border road construction project, which is said to be another option to travel to Djibouti, has been completed and opened for traffic.

The Ethiopian Roads Administration has announced that the construction project of the Asaita-Afambo-Djibouti border road, which will serve as another option in the future, has been completed and is open for transport services, in addition to the Galafi route that is providing services to travel to Djibouti.

The main works of the project have been completed, installation of traffic signals; Painting works and other minor works are said to have been carried out.

Since there was no standard road infrastructure in the area in the past, the community had no other option but to travel by foot and camel due to the lack of transportation.

The route mainly connects Ethiopia to Djibouti through Asaitha. It has been stated that it will have great economic benefits by streamlining Ethiopia's income and expenditure trade.

In addition to this, it is said that it will strengthen the people-to-people ties by connecting Asayata City with Afambo district and several kebeles.

This area is where the Awash river basin is located, so it is a production line for many products. Among these products are:
* High yield of salt,
* Cotton,
* Dates,
* Sesame,
* Tomato,
* Onions,
* Oranges,
Habab and many other fruits are mentioned.
It is said that the construction of the road will help to easily deliver these products to the central market and to Djibouti.

Apart from this, it is stated that education, health and similar social and economic services will be expanded immediately.

In addition, this line will shorten the existing Mille-Diche Oto-Galafi-Djibouti Port route by 30 km.

It has been pointed out that it is important to export factory products (sugar, wheat flour) that can be produced locally in the future.

Brief information about the road project:

- 1,600,901,379 (One Billion Six Hundred Million Nine Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Nine Birr) allocated for the construction of the road is fully covered by the Ethiopian government.

- The length of the road is 50.34 km. The side width including shoulders is 10 meters in rural areas, 19 meters in district towns and 21.5 meters in zones.

- The project included the construction of 3 bridges.

- The construction was carried out by a local contractor, Aser Construction Limited Liability Company. Yedidia Engineering Consultants also carried out the consulting and control work.

30-01-2024 05:31