The father who dared to force his 13-year-old son

The father who dared to force his 13-year-old son was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In South Ethiopia Region, Kore Zone (former Amaro Special District), Kele 01 Kebele, commonly known as "Tuesday Sefer", a father who dared to rape his son in March 2015 was sentenced to prison, according to Tikvah Ethiopia.

The perpetrator of the crime was a 42-year-old father named Ato Santayhu City Officer who was driving his 13-year-old 8th grade student.

He tied her mouth with the scarf she was wearing and forced her.

When the girl felt pain in her uterus due to the act and was unable to cope, she went to her neighbor who is the 2nd prosecution witness, crying and biting, and told the details of what happened to her.

In the examination, it was confirmed that the crime of sexual intercourse was committed against the child and that the HIV AIDS virus was found in her blood.
All the concerned parties heard the matter and conducted a criminal investigation.

The Chief Prosecutor of Kore Zone filed a case and submitted the case to the High Court of Amaro Special District at the time.

The defendant was asked at the trial about having committed a crime, and he denied and argued that he had not committed a crime.

In the dispute, the girl is 13 years old and is punishable by imprisonment of 5-20 years, and the father has been denied bail for threatening and abusing the girl.

The court heard the girl's statement and the prosecutor's counsel explained that the crime was committed in detail according to the prosecution's case, and even though the defendant's defense witnesses tried to deny that the father did not commit the act, it was pointed out that they did not clearly explain anything.

In this way, the court saw the testimony of the witnesses, the medical documents submitted along with the relevant laws, and the person was found guilty unanimously.

When the prosecutor was asked about the punishment, he said that he did not have any because it is listed in the law itself, and the defendant's lawyer; They submitted 3 mitigations to the court because their client has never been convicted of a crime, is a family man, and is a user of HIV/AIDS medication.

The Justice Office of the Zone informed Tikvah Ethiopia that the court decided to sentence him to 10 years imprisonment.

The information was compiled and presented by Job Tkuye, a member of the Tikvah Ethiopian family.

16-02-2024 06:01