The defense force defended itself

The defense force defended itself; ... the defense force did not target any kind of civilian the government

What does the government say about the killing of civilians?

The Ethiopian government has denied the killing of 45 civilians (the number is even higher) in Merawi city.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ESMECO) that at least 45 civilians were killed by government security forces; It is recalled that people who were suspected of being "members of Fano" and whose number could not be confirmed for the time being, were also killed by the government security forces without the law.

Speaking to Deutsche Welle Radio regarding the killing of the innocents and the Ismeko report, the Minister of State Communications, Dr. Leges Tulu, denied the incident.

Dr. Leges Tulu; Marawi confirmed that there was a conflict between the Defense Forces and Fano militants.

"The militants used the right of self-defense as they attacked the camp where the army was stationed in four directions to loot the equipment and logistics," they said.

"When the defense forces exercised their right to defend themselves and took action, these forces returned to the homes of individuals," said Dr. Legese.

Dr. Legese said, "The defense army has defended itself." "The defense force did not target any kind of civilian," he said.

It is known that other human rights organizations that issued statements including the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission stated that among the people who were taken by the government's security forces, there were those who were taken from their homes and killed.

The minister who was asked about this; "There is no confirmed information about such action being taken," he said.

He added, "Let alone a civilian, even an armed man goes to attack and surrenders. There is no system in which he can be killed."

"If this happens, the defense agency itself will take action," they announced.
on the other hand ; Regarding the killing of Merawi, the Canadian Embassy in Ethiopia said, "I am very concerned."

The United Kingdom Embassy in Ethiopia called for a full investigation, calling the killing "disturbing".

The European Union and the US government have called for an independent investigation.

Dr. Leges Tulu informed that this matter is being dealt with by the Emergency Proclamation Investigation Board established by the Amhara region.

"There will be no other body to investigate the matter," they said.

Dr. Legese responded by saying that the European Union and the American government have always been concerned about Ethiopia, but nothing is being done.

"We have our own institutions. Our institutions are responsible to the public. If any party commits an offense, if any party causes damage, action will be taken according to the laws and procedures," he said.

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16-02-2024 05:58