The Ministry of Finance has declared that it has not completely

The Ministry of Finance has declared that it has not completely #banned the entry of fuel-powered vehicles into the country.

It will not be forgotten that the Ministry of Transport and Logistics has announced the ban on the entry of gasoline-powered automobiles.

Wasihun Abate, senior legal advisor of the Ministry of Finance, what did he say?

- There is no directive or decision that prohibits the entry of gasoline-powered vehicles into the country and allows only electric vehicles to enter the country.

- There is a situation where the Ministry of Finance is implementing an Excise Tax Proclamation to encourage the entry of electric vehicles and to discourage the entry of fuel-powered vehicles.

- Banning imported products is impossible according to the law of the World Trade Organization, so encouraging those who use the country's tax system to grow the economy is being done to prevent the spread of harmful ones.

- We do not know anything about the matter presented to Parliament by the Ministry of Transport and Logistics.

- Ministry of Finance has amended the Excise Tax Proclamation so that electric vehicles can be widely introduced. Proclaim:
* 5% excise tax for fully equipped electric vehicles
* It allows for tax-free entry for those who are
dispersed and come together in the country.
* The amount of fuel used by gasoline-powered vehicles is 10% or more.

- The Excise Tax Proclamation will be implemented by traders after the ban on 38 different products from opening a letter of credit is lifted due to the lack of foreign currency.

- Currently, the vehicles that are being imported into the country are not imported through the LC that was opened before the ban, but there are no traders who are specially allowed to import them.

- Unless the LC ban is lifted, vehicles used for business or government offices will not be imported only with the approval of the Ministry of Finance. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are not affected by the ban, but they are subject to excise tax when importing a fuel-powered vehicle.

Regarding this opinion of the Ministry of Finance, the head of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, who did not want to be named, said that the ban was not specified in the directive/decision.

However, all the concerned offices have stated that in the direction given in the review of the 100-day performance report with the Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the entry of fuel-powered domestic automobiles has been prohibited.

An official of the Customs Commission said that the decision issued by the National Bank is currently being implemented, so the decision is not just a new directive of the Prime Minister, which prohibits the entry of fuel-powered automobiles.

As announced by the National Bank on October 4/2015, vehicles are among the 38 products banned from entering the country. Motor-related products include domestic automobiles and three-legged vehicles, while the ban does not include electric ones.

01-02-2024 05:31