Adwa victory memorial will be inaugurated today.

Adwa victory memorial will be inaugurated today. Brief information about "Adwa Victory Memorial"

The Adwa Victory Memorial was inaugurated and opened.

Today, the huge "Adwa Victory Memorial" built in the center of Addis Ababa was inaugurated by the country's Prime Minister.

At the inauguration ceremony, the country's president, military officers, ministers, regional presidents, religious leaders, foreign diplomats... other invited guests were also present.

President Sahlework Zewde, who delivered a message at the ceremony; He said, "Although the victory of Adwa is our victory that has been echoed across the country and the continent, it is worth noting that a memorial of the victory of Adwa has not been built to properly express this in one place."

"Today, a memorial has been built in a way that suits the history of Adwan's victory," said the president. He thanked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) and the Addis Ababa city administration for providing the necessary support and monitoring since the idea was generated.

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy, who spoke at the forum, said; He said, "Even if other countries of black people can build the Adwa victory memorial, they cannot be the son of Menilk, the son of Balcha, the son of Gebeyehu, the son of Alula Aba Nega."

"We made the victory memorial and achieved it with our efforts," he said.

The Prime Minister was also heard to say, "Desecrating the Adwa victory memorial means desecrating the bones and blood of our ancestors."

12-02-2024 01:52