A film that is said to have cost more than 7.5 million Birr is about to be released.

Ethiopia has heard that a film titled "Afini" which explores the traditional conflict resolution and dialogue culture of the Sidaman people will be screened on February 2nd and 3rd in Hawassa city.

It is understood that the regional culture and tourism office supported the film financially.

The writer and actor of the film, Mr. Elefahsham Birhanu (Leul) said during his meeting with Tikvah Ethiopia, "The film has the potential to promote Sidama's traditional conflict resolution and speech culture, Afini, to the world."

For this reason, they have stated that it is designed to make the film international.

Mr. Elefahma said, "I am happy that the film has been made in terms of finance, manpower and technology, and more than 7.5 million birr has been spent on it."

"Artists such as actor Gurum Ermias and actor Emmanuel gave beauty and energy to the idea of an essay that describes Sidama's beautiful and instructive culture of conflict resolution," he added.

on the other hand ; Tikvah Ethiopia has questioned the issue of the inauguration and the amount of money allegedly distributed on social media in the millions.
Mr. Elefahm Berhanu; "Experts from the film's actors and members of the graduation committee from the regional culture and tourism office, which supported the film financially, will soon make an institutional presentation," they said, and for the time being, they refrained from giving detailed information other than the film's graduation on February 2 and 3.

The information is a member of the Hawasau Tikvah Ethiopian family.

04-02-2024 09:02